Initiative for Human Rights in Turkey

Global Impact for Human Rights aims at recording and reporting Human Rights abuses, especially Enforced Disappearance, from all around the world. Nevertheless, this phenomenon is currently very visible in Turkey, which is an understudied case that provoked concern from many organizations. Amnesty international reports many violations, tortures, and rapes in Turkish prisons. The UN has officially voiced their concern about the violation of Human Rights in Turkey. American and European statesmen have asked Turkey to refrain to use the declared state emergency as a tool to further violate human rights. In this regard, we believe that tackling this phenomenon in today’s Turkey is of utmost and urgent importance.

For the last two years, and particularly after the recent attempted coup on July 15, the Turkish Government has declared a State of Emergency, which has opened the door to many violations of the Human Rights. The most visible violation is that of Enforced Disappearance, which, from the International Law perspective, is considered a crime against humanity.

There are many cases of abuse, torture, and rape in Turkish prisons after the attempted coup. There are cases of alleged suicides, as well as cases that have resulted in the deaths of prisoners due to the withholding of medical treatment.

The families of the arrested citizens are concerned that their loved once have been captured and the state institutions are not providing them with any information about their family members, their wellbeing, existence, or their whereabouts. Despite the political situation in the country, our aim is to help the families of the disappeared, to limit the violation of human rights, and bring an end to the cases of Enforced Disappearance by pressuring the government to take responsibility for their actions.